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Longarm Video How To --Custom Quilting Tips #1

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This video is helpful for any longarm quilter and is an instructional class video. Norma is an award winning longarm quilter and shares with you her real-life day to day process for a successful custom quilt project. Norma uses a computerized Gammill Statler Stitcher for her Longarm business and will be demonstrating some features with her software, Creative Studio 7.3. Subjects included in her training video are picking designs, taking the best photos, creating your own bigger design from a small design, how to semi-custom with combining designs and how to concatenate.

Norma will take you step by step through her process of how she looks at Custom Quilts and determines design choices. She will share with you samples, detailed photos, computer demonstrations and illustrations with two of her most recent custom quilts. There will be handout given with your Video purchase along with a detailed breakdown of all the designs Norma uses in her Video. Upon purchase of Norma's video you will be able to download it and watch it at your leisure. Enjoy learning and improving your Longarm Quilting journey!

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