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Statler Cross Hatch Tips & Tricks Video

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Statler Cross Hatch Tips & Tricks Video

Instructor: Norma Reel

I love how Cross Hatch looks on a quilt finished but for years I was so nervous to do it because so many lines to match up. Cross Hatch can be Fun or a Nightmare – Hopefully we are going to learn how to make it fun with Norma’s tips and tricks for creating some Cross Hatch and making it work for you instead of fighting it until we can get it to match up. LET’S TAKE CONTROL of that Monster.

Norma will cover using P2P for cross hatch, how geometric line will help you, draw line and apply, pattern to boundary, fill outside or trim, edge to edge cross hatch and turning it into repeat pattern. And Norma shares her most favorite edge to edge cross hatch pattern.

This video is all about cross hatch and what you can do to with your Statler.

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